Is BloKleen suitable for all types of solar power plants?

Could BloKleen damage the solar panels?

No, Blokleen is designed to clean 90% of the dust load soiling with specially designed non-contact dust blowing mechanism. A brush mechanism has also been included to clean the remaining 10% of sticky dirt. The brush is programmed to operate depending on the site dust load characteristics and need not be used on a daily basis. Thus the robot protects the anti-reflective coating and does not produce scratches on the panel glass.

What will be the manpower requirement to operate BloKleen robot system?

Zero, Blokleen is a PLC based automated cleaning system. It is programmed to conduct cleaning cycles at the required time of day, independently. Hence no human intervention is required.

What is the cleaning cycle frequency of the BloKleen robot system?

BloKleen can be programmed to conduct multiple cleaning cycles per day at the desired time based on the specific dust load conditions at each site.

Does the BloKleen clean all kinds of dirt?

Yes, The robot cleans all kinds of dirt including dust, sand and bird droppings.

Does BloKleen require water?

No, BloKleen is designed for waterless cleaning. It is designed to operate in dry, dusty and arid regions, where solar power plants are usually located and water is scarce.

Does the BloKleen require operating power?

No, BloKleen is self powered with every robot having its own solar module. The on-board batteries are charged daily.

Can BloKleen adapt to inclination is site layout?

Yes, BloKleen designed travel along guide rails. The drive mechanism can power the robot to travel along a 25 degrees inclination.